Dahvie vanity and jef star dating


Th|Cb|Botdf|Avril Lavigne|Scary kids scarying kids|Motionless in white|Black veil brides, dat zijn mijn lievelings.My grandson Justin with his Mets cap, look ready to play ball:-)I took this Sunday when we went on Mothers day, He never stopped smiling just like his Dad when he was the same age, Please view large and read my note:-) The front panel of this quilt is made entirely from scraps of fabric from my stash, with the exception of the yellow birdseed piece and the farmers market apples piece which I already had by the yard. XD ) Srry voor de meeligheid van me maar ik ben mypig.


I really like how the quilting looks, it has the perfect amount of wrinkles!The backing is a retro green fabric bought cheap at Spotlight, and the binding is an apple green stripe, again from a scrap of material in my scrap box.



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