Daesung and tiffany are dating


I believe she really wants to change his father's ending but as much as she wants to, what can she do without the almighty drawing tablet? I'm really glad someone shares the same points with me. that's why i think the writer focus too much on the webtoon thing and too less on the romance part where they do things before they fall in love w each other and just go straight to kissing. i honestly think Kang Chul fall in love with Oh Yeon Joo too fast like she didn't even do much and all of a sudden kang chul started liking her.Yes, Chul gave her his photo only and didn't say anything, but she knew what it means. I think that kind of act is not saying he has a happy ending.About her acceptance, she already knows the rules of the end ofwebtoon world; everything from that world is gone and all (except Chul). W is not your normal drama, less romance but more of a mystery kind of genre. I love W the one who thought of the plot is amazing. ok there are a lot of kiss scene in this drama and i feel that the writer is trying to cover up the romance part and just move to kiss scene.

When I saw DOTS, my standard for actually feeling "kilig" went up high and I didn't expect that this drama would send me chills. I'm looking forward for possible new drama projects together. A very sweet, romantic , suspense and fantasy kdrama! Hi, I just want to reply your previous comment, especially for the ending part.

I think Yeon Joo knows the truth of her father disapearance.

Overall i really like this drama but i think it is kinda overrated and some part of the drama is quite confusing but it somehow manage to pull through The reason why I was intrigued to watch this drama is the fact that my friends back in school kept talking about it.

I just finished watching the drama yesterday at 2 am since it's now our semestral break. I mean, it's the first time that I got really attached to a certain drama which I know is pure fiction. Hats off also to the director how it was beautifully done!!! You could really feel the chemistry between the two leads!!!


the plot is really unique and the romance is really good from the start until Kang chun found out that he himself is a character in the webtoon and then it started focusing too much on the webtoon. This drama really stood out, everything is different. Very nice cheers to the writer, director, and other staffs who is part of making W a big hit.



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