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In the Simple Skirt tutorial we measured the waist and then doubled that for the width of the skirt fabric.

Here we want the width to be 3 or even 4 times the size of the waist, which means you’ll probably need to cut two long rectangles of fabric, with two side seams (rather than one rectangle as we did in the Simple Skirt).

For Lucy’s birthday party last month she mentioned, “Mom, let’s have a fiesta!

And everyone should wear a cute Mexican dress.” I loved the idea. But I wasn’t sure if everyone would have a fiesta-looking dress.

If you’re making these for a friend and you’re not able to measure their waist, simply ask their mom if she’ll measure for you (she can use a piece of string and a ruler if she don’t have a measuring tape)…if it’s a surprise gift, measure the size of a skirt at the store so you know what an 8-year old waist-size might be, etc.

TYPES OF FABRIC I prefer colorful solids in either: • 100% cotton (such as Kona Cottons) found at most fabric shops and comes in a variety of colors, runs about /yard, or….

More trim, new skirt layers, rows and rows of thread on the hemline. Even at 3am (when my husband was out of town so I could let my creative OCD go crazy). And when you pair them with Wallflowers, Easter Egg Maracas, and Ruffled Streamers, you’ve got a full-on Fiesta ready to go! If you’ve never made a Simple Skirt (or any sort of gathered skirt) please read through the tutorial first and then move on to the next steps….

FABRIC and PREP What really makes these skirts fun is the amount of fabric used.

But I found that as I sewed, I wanted to add more and more.• Broadcloth which is typically a polyester/cotton blend, runs about /yard, and also comes in many colors.The fabric doesn’t wrinkle (which I love) but can also be thin and a bit see-thru.So you’ll probably have to double layer the fabric. I’m sort of a trim-hoarder and whenever I see a fun one I just buy it, knowing that I’ll find a project for it one day…like this one!

Here are the dimensions to cut (more details about measuring/cutting in the Simple Skirt tutorial): Of course you can make your skirt any size/length you’d like.

These are just the parameters I used to make skirts for Lucy and her 7-year-old friends.


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