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I couldn't be sure, though, so I consulted an expert: A man who calls himself Grey.I recommend exercising similar caution in following the links throughout this article.)Your first Goatse hits you in waves, rocking between confusion and disgust as the physiological reality of the picture resolves gradually, magic-eye style. But for all that, the full history of Goatse has never been told.Jay Stile, the pseudonymous founder of the infamous shock site Stile Project and a person who has seen more than his share of gross things, clearly remembers his first thoughts upon seeing Goatse."One: How is that physically possible? After two weeks of staring deep into the metaphorical and literal black hole of Goatse, it's easy to see why.It's a flash photo taken very close and the man's gaping ass is lit a queasy red against a nondescript dark room, everything else dangling where it should be. It's probably, like, your university professor, or a doctor or a lawyer. The photo was the original internet bait-and-switch: Share a link to a hot girl, a cute puppy, but— boom—it's Goatse instead.

His videos of x Tube have been collectively viewed more than 22 million times.When I began looking into Goatse's identity, I depended on the longtime rumors that the men's similar frame and matching moles all pointed toward Johnson.Kirk Johnson's bios on his many porn site profiles describe a bisexual man with a penchant for huge black dildos.He's anywhere from 45 to 48 years old, depending on which profile you go by. His profile on the adult image-sharing site Imagefap, which holds the most complete collection of his work, boasts 15,156 photos, all of which have been compiled over the last five and a half years.


Who is this man, and how did his ass take over the internet?

The story of Goatse begins with a mustachioed, wiry man in his late forties who goes by the name "Kirk Johnson." Johnson is a prominent practitioner of extreme penetration, which is the extreme penetration community's term of art for sticking huge objects up your ass. ***Everyone remembers their first Goatse (pronounced ).


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