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She was super cool, we'd been sending messages to each other thru the site for like 3 weeks or something and then it all just came together one night when we were both bored as f*ck and in need of some fun in our lives.

Maybe Im lucky but im enjoying the sites, the chicks know that your on the site for fun so it aint like they expect you to meet them with flowers and an engagement ring!

Stay away from the ones that look too good to be true general rule is if they are too good to be true then they probably aint true haha!

Dont get down when you go a few days without a message and in my opinion, use two sites rather than one.

Anyone that thinks your gonna get off a few days after signing up to one of these kinda sites is clearly living on another planet.

Ive had webcam sessions, awesome chats and last thursday I met a 24 year old college student from just outside the town I live (tempe, arizona).


Hell, use four if you've got a fat stacks of cash! Rock n roll :-) A lot searching and chatting on the site before you find a date. I've joined several adult dating sites over the past years and I've found this one as one of the best among AFF (many members) and Casual Dating4 (many female users).I really have to laugh at some of the reviews that you find on sites like this. I bought a membership to this and in the same weekend cos I figured 'hey, two chances are better than 1 right?! I sure realized that it seems to be a little more 'work' than on Casual Dating4but does not look like a mission impossible. As an average red blooded american guy I joined this website to check out some hot chicks and maybe even meet a few up close and personal.

In fact from what she says, chicks dont even have to pay on the site!And for guys it's pretty cool also cos you got a place where you can search for members close to you and just send a message instantly which saves a lot of the headaches you would get from trying to hit on chicks in clubs.



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