Creationist radiocarbon dating Pussy belleville michigan

So that means knowing the ratio of Potassium to Argon in igneous rock lets us know exactly how old it is.So if we see a fossil trapped between two layers that have igneous rocks in them, then we can date the igneous rocks and that will set the bounds for the age of the fossil that was found between them.They are measuring Argon and Potassium atoms (there are other sequences as well, such as Uranium, Thorium, Rubidium Strontium, etc.) and working out the exactly amount of decay, and therefore the exact time that passed when that fossil got embedded in rock.You should instead stick with the more general concept of RADIOMETRIC dating. Argon is a gas, but Potassium is a mineral that is mixed in with lava.So when a volcano explodes, it deposits fresh liquid lava with 0% Argon, because any gaseous content bubbles out of the much denser lava.Once the lava solidifies the molecular/crystaline structure becomes locked.But some Potassium isotopes will decay over time to Argon anyway.That means Argon atoms which are normally just gaseous become trapped in solid igneous rock.

Carbon dating is a very complicated procedure for measuring the age of recent human artifacts, and very recently dead animals.I'm not sure what you intend on accomplishing by explaining this to them.


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