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A girl of 7 yrs, more so for accepting the offer and its okay by me, I have made contacts with my child concerning the arrangement of the tutoring which she told me is ok by her and i want you to know that i am going to pay for 1 month,which should be .00/hr(which i have in mind) And am planning that you will be teaching her 3 times a week,which is 1hr per day,so get back to me with the total fee for the subject which is English and when you will be available to teach her during the week So my child will be coming down for summer by ending of November 2008 and i want her to study more about what she need to know while she is in the states and she speaks a little bit english...

So i want you to inform you that i will be sending you the payment inform of Check for the tutorial while i will also pay the Nanny that will be taking care of her and the nanny would bring her down to whereever you believe it will be comfortable for you to have the tutorial, so as soon as you get the payment cash you will deduct cost of tutoring of the leschild and send the remaining balance to the nanny that will be taking care of the jachild which the information will be giving to you later after you have recive the payment.

so i can proceed on the payment as soon as possible.

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Notice the ".00/hr(which i have in mind)" phrasing is identical.

Return address is [email protected] Diana , Thank you for the email,i want my girl (Betty) for the tutorial.

My girlfriend just received the following email after responding to a "tutor wanted" ad on the Buffalo Craigslist.



So hope i can trust you that you will teach my child good academics and some moral respects so that they can be good to their self in the future, i hope i can count on you for the tutorial and the money to be sent to the Guardian my child would be coming down to stay with the nanny that would bring her down anytime you have a class with her and the tutor would start by middle of November....child (Betty) speaks a little bit english and she is in grade one....i would await the information... Box please): CITY: STATE: ZIP CODE: CELL PHONE: HOME PHONE: GENDER: D. B: MARITAL STATUS: BEST TIME TO CALL: I will be looking forward to hear back from you soon with the information to made the payment and your contact phone number. Note how the information requested by the scammer is enough to begin a preliminary identity theft operation against you.

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