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You’re posting on craigslist looking for a man (or two). If you can’t spell or use proper grammar, you’re more likely to fuck ignorant men. CAPITAL LETTERS ARE THE ONLINE EQUIVALENT OF SHOUTING. WE DON'T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER YET SO WHY SCREAM AT A STRANGER. Good men come in all shapes and sizes therefore not all good men are 5'10" or taller. Any hope you have of proving you’re greater than the sum of your parts is lost when a man discovers you began by lying. A shallowness can seep into one’s online life because the anonymity of one’s online persona allows for behavior one would admit was rude and somewhat callous face-to-face.



Think about how much you spend on a night out at a bar. having thousands of love relationships to choose from in Craigs, .

I managed to persuade my local college to allow me to enrol and study through them as a distance learner to gain my GCSE's.... we get a 5.0 for an A in an AP class, 4.25 for an A in an honors class, and a 4 in a normal class, so a 5.05 would be impossible for us, lol.

(I have a 4.05 going into junior year btw, and im taking 4 ap classes) I wouldn't worry about percentage so much... For a high level college, (Duke, Carnegie Melon, MIT, Standford) it goes like this... Julia Said: Fundraising ideas for an aspiring exchange student?

You can use Study Up to search for, invite, and network with your Study Buddies. Robert Said: Will a 1990 on the SAT qualify me for any scholarships for international students in the US? You will be eligible for many scholarships, you'll just have to apply for them when that time comes around.


I'm also from the UK and quit school at the age of 13 with no official tutor and no expensive tuition fees. Your school's weighting system is different from mine...We Answered: It will be easier and faster for you to just find a job.


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