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) and family judges in Costa Rica are convinced that all gringos are rich. Many of the first 9 facts are probably true when you marry a Tica.


IVO HENFLING | NOVEMBER 7, 2015 Of course you want to find out about the 10 life changing facts or think twice before you marry a Costa Rican. Most men who move to Costa Rica, except for the blind one's, agree that Costa Rican women are beautiful which in some cases can turn into a problem.For some reason women who move to Costa Rica are less capable to run away with a handsome Costa Rican stud, but they do, believe me.Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll is for another blog though and today’s is not about running away with one, it’s about 10 life changing facts when you marry a Costa Rican.Let’s start by saying that I’m perfectly happy with my 24-year marriage with Dany, who I would not change for another one for anything in the world and I’ll have a hard time finding a more beautiful one who will put up with me. I know I’m not supposed to generalize and of course there are a lot of great Tico husbands and Tica wives around, but I need to point this out so you can all behave accordingly once you plan a romantic relationship or marriage with a Costa Rican male or female.


Jealousy can stop you from talking to anyone when in the company of your lover, from doing things that seem totally normal to you but doesn’t to your fiancée, stop you from going to places on your own or even talking on the phone with people your fiancée doesn’t personally know or trust. If you do, you might be paying through the nose until you kids are 25 years old (if they study).

Costa Rican family law is very protective of children (which is great!


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    Best of all it's free to join and it's a fun environment!

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    They did a fun video for fans, sharing that this baby would be a girl and revealing that they had already chosen the name Kaci Lynn for her. You're already loved more than words will ever express and you have a big brother that's just dying to see you! We also thank the Lord for His protection and His gift of our two precious children.” fans were hoping that Kaci Lynn would arrive on Father’s Day this past Sunday, but she waited just a wee bit longer.

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    So, is that timeline trajectory applicable to dating a single father or should it be tweaked? He shares intimate details of his life, he’s a great communicator and makes me feel really cared for.

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