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I was tired of the online players out there just looking for hookups and casual flings. I was being set up for about a date a week, met some nice men, and finally clicked with one.

Joe (not his real name) and I hit it off and put our IJL memberships on hold. That relationship lasted on and off for 3.5 years before it finally ran its course. The thing is, my girlfriends and I go off it for months and then get so frustrated with the slim pickings, no dates, and loneliness that we sign up again hoping it's going to be better.

Dating as a woman in my late 40's in Sacramento sucks. I have a posse of single girlfriends my age that look great, have good jobs, are smart and outgoing, and none of us can get a date with a decent guy in our age range. I've tried it all - online dating, speed dating, Meetups, etc.


You may have seen their ads, especially in airline magazines.It's a dating service where they set you up on dates (basically blind dates) for just an hour - over lunch or over drinks. I went in for an appointment and signed up for a year for 00.You send them a picture, talk to them and fill out profiles, and they set up the dates. I had had such a great experience in 2005 that I was all the more willing to give them another try. After all, the last time I joined, it only took two months before Joe and I clicked. Once they had my money, service was practically non-existent.Oh, they put all kinds of excuses out there, but it boils down to ABSOLUTELY CRAPPY customer service.

I was so fed up with the online dating scene and I figured that "you get what you pay for".

If a person is willing to pay that much money, they must have a decent job and be serious about finding a long term relationship, right?


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