Consolidating private and federal loans

If you are comfortable with your monthly payments, it probably does not make sense for you to refinance.Private loan refinancing is only for your private student loans, and is different from federal student loan consolidation.


If you choose a different repayment plan when you consolidate, this may result in a smaller monthly payment with a longer repayment schedule and, subsequently, a lower risk of default.Eligibility for private loan consolidation vary by lender.Private and federal student loans cannot be refinanced or consolidated together.The lender you choose to refinance your loans essentially buys all of your loans from the original lenders and reissues you a new loan, leaving you with one loan for the total amount of loans consolidated.

Many lenders will require that you have a minimum balance (typically ,500) to consolidate your loan.Detailed eligibility criteria, the amount of the loan, and repayment period vary depending on the lender, and it is always a good idea to check with the lender for the most recent information.


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