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Reading on Android Q: Can I read my email on my Android phone? A: There are three approaches to reading your email on an Android device: from the Outlook app, from the Gmail app, or via a browser. To use on your Android phone (or tablet), download the free Outlook app by launching Google Play (Google’s app store) and searching for

Follow the instructions for installing the app by clicking Install, Accept; then enter your email address and password, and tap Next.

Outlook will automatically detect your Gmail account and set up the proper account settings. (If you have Gmail’s two-step verification security enabled, Google will send a six-digit code to your Gmail account and display an Enter code text box.

You will need to sign in to your Gmail account to retrieve the code and enter it correctly to verify your identity.) If you prefer to set up your Gmail account manually, the Incoming mail server is, and the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is smtp.

Enter the proper outgoing server name and your authenticating login username and password, if any, and then tap Next, as pictured below, then Done.


(If you already have at least one account set up, then tap the Menu icon, Settings, and tap Add Account). If necessary, edit the POP server field so it matches the same POP3 server name you used on your desktop computer, and check the other settings to make sure they are correct, then tap Next, as pictured below.On the Synchronize Accounts screen, tap Other, then enter your POP3 account’s Email address and Password and click Manual setup. The installation routine will then test your incoming server settings, and if they are working properly, the next screen will request your outgoing server information.


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