Compare and contrast online and traditional dating


There are, however, some fundamental differences between online dating and offline dating.The growing number of online dating websites and their increasing popularity has led to online dating becoming far more common, and there’s no doubt it has changed the process of dating for millions of people around the world.Equally, if you prefer the idea of doing your dating offline there’s nothing to stop you checking out an online dating website and giving it a go.It’s possible to do both at the same time and give yourself the best chances of finding what you are looking for.There’s no real argument as to whether online dating is better than offline dating, or vice versa, because the two aren’t mutually exclusive by any means.


It could be argued that online dating is a more scientific process than the offline equivalent and to an extent this is true.

By browsing through the profiles of other members at an online dating site you are able to be selective about who you choose to date, and this greatly improves the likelihood of meeting someone with whom you share common ground.

As with any useful service, there’s a cost attached to using an online dating website.

Picking and choosing who you want to meet based on the information listed in their profile doesn’t seem like a particularly romantic way to start a relationship.

Certainly, the natural chemistry you may share with someone you happen to meet by chance and discover that you have plenty in common with is a wonderful feeling and hard to replicate in online dating.

This can put some people off who don’t like the idea of paying to do something they can do themselves.


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