Companion dating australia

It may, therefore, be beneficial for organisations to affiliate with the Companion Card even if they are not directly involved in issuing tickets or monitoring admissions, for example, venue owners or funding bodies.The Companion Card incorporates the same polymer technology used to produce Australian ‘plastic’ banknotes.Any business, organisation, event or activity that charges an admission or participation fee should affiliate.The Companion Card program has been developed with an initial focus on recreation, leisure, social and cultural venues and events, but is open to other willing participants. The disability anti discrimination legislation, applies to all organisations and businesses regardless of their size, or the type of service provided.On registration with the Companion Card program, you will receive promotional materials to assist your organisation to implement and communicate your acceptance of the Companion Card.

After this period the cardholder will need to renew their Card.

The Card has been designed with a number of other security features.


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