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Most online dating sites encourage you to meet up early for a reason. If you accept every date without scrutinizing someone’s profile, reveal personal information that makes it easy to identify you, and give out your home address and phone number to people you don’t really know, you’re an easy target for victimization.Some people don’t have the time to attend speed dating events and singles’ nights, while others want to see if it’s possible to find out someone’s personality before wasting time, energy and money on multiple dates. The debate on this is hot, as some people believe you can get to know someone just like you would in real life and are very open, while others hold back parts of themselves until you know them in person.There are plenty of reasons to try online dating, and the scene has evolved from a geek-filled pool to a fairly balanced distribution of all sorts of people. You might know the life history of one person before you find out what another looks like.Here are some of the questions that are holding many people back from dabbling in online dating. Who uses online dating, and isn’t that just for losers?

It’s true that you can’t find everything out online, however.

Any annoying verbal tics, behavioral problems, bad habits, and other similar issues that can drive couples apart like the opposite poles of a magnet aren’t detailed in most people’s dating profiles.

Some argue that you can get to know someone much more deeply before judging them on the shallow physical attractiveness factor like we all do at some point, though we don’t admit it.

Again, this is true, because you can hold deep conversations about your values, goals, past, and so on, but you can’t necessarily see them and experience the same pheromones and other biological factors of attraction.


To the technophobe or dating scene newbie, online dating sites seem shady, risky and populated by the dregs of the dating pool who couldn’t find a date elsewhere.

On most dating sites, however, nothing could be further from the truth.


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