College student dating ideas chris pine dating jasmine waltz

Do you feel isolated, hurt or afraid and have no one to talk to? Talk to us Do you want to spend some quality time or simply have some fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you don’t exactly have all that much money to spend because you’re a student?

Try a few of these ideas for great cheap dates or combine a few together and have fun!

The evening is an ideal time for this kind of date as all real children are home and tucked in bed, leaving the whole place free for you!

Chase each other around the park or sit down and draw in the sand.

Call up the aquarium and the zoo while you’re at it.

Pack a lunch and enjoy it on the grounds of the museum or site.


Rediscover childhood -Fly a kite in the local school yard, at the park or in a field nearby.

Make your own kite (you can find books at the library) or buy a cheap one from the discount store.


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