College grads dating in los angeles

However, if you live in Beverly Hills, you can probably afford a private helicopter to take you to a private jet to fly you wherever you need. Who lives here: Burbank probably has the biggest wildcard assortment of people.You’ll see everybody from young writers to lesbians to people that have had their faces surgically reconstructed to look like orcs (seriously).Get Mumford Brewing, Clifton’s Cafeteria, and The Little Easy in your life right this minute.


Pat yourself on the back -- you’ve finally made it! Transportation situation: Right near the 5, which is cash-money because you can connect easily to the 134, 101, 170, and 110. Who lives here: Hot single people who love great food Average one-bedroom rent: ,685/mo Bar and restaurant scene: Pretty excellent. Your best bet is the 101 or the 10, but good luck getting to them through the traffic. Average one-bedroom rent: ,256/mo Bar and restaurant scene: It has some of the most acclaimed restaurants in LA.But because we’ve got seemingly limitless neighborhoods, it can be a little daunting to pick one. Between Thrillist-fave Animal, Joan’s on Third, and Toca Madera, it’s extremely hard to go wrong. Quote from a resident: “I love the accessibility of the Beverly Center. Beverly Hills is nothing but upscale eating and drinking.Average one-bedroom rent: ,703/mo Bar and restaurant scene: Also all over the place.There are tons of great places like Tony’s Darts Away and Pinocchio, but it’s also packed to the brim with overpriced chain restaurants. Transportation situation: The 5 runs straight through the Burb', and you’ve also got easy access to the 134. Quote from a resident: “Downtown Burbank is my everything.

Don’t you worry though, because we’ll break down 24 LA neighborhoods by the stuff you really care about -- the average rent, how much traffic you'll be stuck in, and how the burrito scene looks -- so you can pick the perfect one for you and all your cats. And not to mentioned Canter’s being open 24 hours a day.” For when you’ve grown tired of eating money for breakfast and need something else to do with it. If you’re prepared to shell out the money necessary, you can have some meals that will change your life (like at places like Urasawa). A great place to be if you can’t decide between Panda Express and an acclaimed mom-and-pop breakfast burrito joint. Quote from a resident: “It’s a great hub between everything in you love in Glendale, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz without all the hustle and bustle -- and the cheap rent lends itself very well to being a broke, freelance content writer.” For when you can’t decide if you like West Hollywood or Beverly Hills better.


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