College educated dating sites bowwow dating

"It's not about what school you go to or what job you have…

stop staring at just looks and start looking into other interesting things like chemistry."Related: The Biggest Dating Problem Entrepreneurs Have The free New York-based Dapper launched in November and co-founder Alexandra Partow says its user base is in the several thousands, the majority of whom are college educated professionals ranging from 25 to 40.

The woman's profile is invisible during the Q&A portion and narrows down a field of four to the one guy they want to chat with. 14, with an i OS release expected in March, and plans to expand to other cities around the country.

Ong says that ages of users range from 21 to 38, and so far the user base is slightly skewed towards women.

Bradford thinks that what sets The League apart from others on the market is that it presents more information right up front.

"The League combines data and social graphs from both Facebook and Linked In to offer separation between your work and personal life and much more context about a potential match…[which] allows young professionals to more easily connect on a less superficial level."The app has roughly 80,000 registered users.

30 percent have advanced degrees, 18 percent are executives, VPs or founders and the user base is split 50/50 men and women.

Even though the company is pulling info from Facebook and Linked In, it promises your profile will be hidden from your friends and colleagues, so no run-ins on the app will result in awkward in-person explanations later.


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