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The hand assisted walking action works well with nice head turning action as she goes. Modern dress made in the Pedigree style, original knickers socks and shoes.No playcracks or odours, she's marked "Made in England".*** FREE UK SHIPPING ON DOLLS OVER £100.00 *** **Special offer on hard plastic doll re-stringing**..Your hard plastic dolls up to 16 inch now re-strung for only £25.00 each including return journey home (within UK).



1950s Pedigree Delite Baby Doll in Original Outfit & Box - £85.00 Vintage 1950s Pedigree Delite 10" hard plastic baby doll complete with her original sun suit, hat and box. ..1950s Rosebud "Girl Series" HP Doll in Original Box - Vintage 1950s Rosebud "Girl Doll" series 13 inch hard plastic doll complete with her original box.This adorable rosy cheeked baby doll has beautiful colouring and her hair paint is excellent with just slight factory roughness to the head seam. This gorgeous rosy cheeked girl has super colouring.Please click on the thumbnail images for larger pictures of the dolls.Details on how to buy the antique dolls and collectable dolls on this site can be found here Buying Diane's Dolls.

Please Contact Me with details of doll you wish to have restrung.. 1950s Pedigree hard plastic hand assisted "Saucy Walker" doll, 21 inches in height with blue flirty/sleep eyes (almost all lashes), tongue/teeth and original mohair wig (slightly untidy).A lovely clean doll with good colouring, nice blush retained to cheeks.


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