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This approach can’t correct serious malformations in Scott’s phonautograms any more than the “virtual stylus” approach can, but it is sufficiently robust to let us hear something from phonautograms that are otherwise too compromised to process.

The phonautographic sound files unveiled by First Sounds since mid-2009 have been produced by Feaster using this approach.

Many phonautograms from 1857 also survive, but they lack the tuning-fork timecode, so in these cases we have no objective means of correcting for speed fluctuations, which are generally great enough to render sung melodies utterly unrecognizable.

In the following listing, we note in brackets the phonautogram’s position in Feaster's “Édouard-Léon Scott: An Annotated Discography,” 41:1 (Spring 2010):43-82.


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