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Despite the fact that she was nearly ten years his senior, Sable and Lesnar hit it off, and after a couple of years of on-again, off-again engagement, were married in 2006.

While Lesnar has remained very much in the public eye, beteween his run in UFC and his much-publicized return to WWE, Sable has remained firmly in the background, raising their children (two of their own, plus 5 from their respective former relationships).

Here’s a list of our favorite real-life wrestling couples that are still going strong today.

In what some might consider an incredibly unlikely pairing, during his initial run in WWE, Brock Lesnar grew attached to the Diva known as Sable, who was back in WWE after having been the subject of a million lawsuit against the company for sexual harrassment and discrimination.

t=134441131 -Girl didn't believe I was a virgin my first time crew -Made a bish come back to back crew Who needs abs with a face like this!

With the post-production, SD's been having a lot of lulzy crowd shots.


The crazy, mixed-up world of professional wrestling is a brutal, taxing environment, where people can be forced together and separated at a whim, and temptation lurks around seemingly every corner.

Even with all that working against the idea of true love, there have been men and women who have found each other, and against all odds, ended up living happily ever after together (well, so far, at least).

Seriously, every week there is a new one just as funny as the black kid/khali one.

This week alone when CM Punk was imitating Jeff, there were at least 3 shots of the fans that were hilarious.

Nothing [email protected] than banging all these divas haha...It sounds cliche, but you really never know where love will bloom.


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