Clock backdating

Also, double-check that you are not doing fraud, and don’t confuse this with backdating options. Adjust the Vesting Language to Repurchase at Fair Market Value An 83(b) should be filed when you receive stock that is subject to a “Substantial Risk of Forfeiture.” For our purposes, if stock has a , then it is subject to a Substantial Risk of Forfeiture.With a vesting schedule, the forfeiture risk is that the stock owner will quit or get fired, and then the company will buy back the stock.And under this document, the company has the right to buy back the founder’s stock if she doesn’t stick around.


“83(b)” is a tax election that saves startup founders a lot of money. Unfortunately, there’s an arbitrary 30 day deadline, and it’s easy to procrastinate and miss the filing.If the 83(b) window has closed, there are still a few tricks startup lawyers can use to re-issue the grant and restart the 83(b) clock.


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