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They founded Villa Santiago de Libon (present-day Libon, Albay) and reached the settlement of Albaybay, whose name was subsequently shortened to 'Albay' or Pueblo de Albay.In 1616, Pueblo de Albay served as the capital of Partido de Ibalon, which included present-day Albay, Sorsogon, Masbate, parts of Camarines Sur and the islands of Catanduanes, Ticao and Burias.In 2014, the city was ranked second among the top three livable cities in the Philippines in the Livable Cities Design Challenge organized by the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.Legazpi was named after Miguel López de Legazpi, the Basque Spanish conquistador who officially annexed the Philippine Islands to the Spanish Empire in 1565, and whose surname came from a town in Gipuzkoa, Spain.The area that is now Albay had a thriving civilization before the Spanish arrived.In 1569, a Spanish expedition dispatched by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi led by Luis Enriquez de Guzman and Agustinian friar Alonso Jimenez first set foot in Albay.

Clockwise from top right: JCI Legazpi Tourism Marker, View from The Oriental Legazpi, Cathedral of St.Gregory the Great, Battle of Legazpi Monument, Legazpi City Hall, Zip-line at Ligñon Hill, Legazpi Airport Legazpi, officially the City of Legazpi (Bikol: Ciudad nin Legazpi; Filipino: Lungsod ng Legazpi) and often referred to as Legazpi City, is a component city and the capital of the province of Albay in the Philippines.They arrived on the coastal settlement called Ibalon in present-day Magallanes, Sorsogon after exploring the islands of Masbate, Ticao and Burias and proceeded inland as far as present-day Camalig, Albay.In July 1573, the conquistador Juan de Salcedo, grandson of Governor-General Legazpi, led another expedition from the north.

Spanish religious missionaries administered the settlement in the 1580s.

In 1587, Franciscan friars of the Doctrina de Cagsawa began to convert the area's population to Christianity. Sawangan then became an independent parish and was called 'Misión de San Gregorio Magno de Sawangan'.


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