Church restrictions on dating and marriage cubandating com

The Church rejoices in this celebration of God’s love in the life of the bride and the groom as they join together as husband and wife through the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage.

To assist couples in their preparation for this special day in their life together and in the life of the church community, the following guidelines have been outlined for guidance and implementation.

In the Christian tradition, marriage is a covenant, an expression of God’s covenantal love with His people.

In the Catholic Church, it is one of the seven (7) sacraments which are expressions of God‘s love and presence in our midst.

If one of the parties has been married before, this will require further consultation.

Couples in this circumstance should contact the church at least a year before the proposed wedding.

A THANKSGIVING FEE of 0.00 is suggested has to be made on the day of the initial interview.

Weddings are scheduled on Saturdays, am, pm and pm.


A wedding planner or consultant might be helpful, but we do planning and preparation with the bride and the groom together, not with wedding consultants or parents of the bride and/or the groom.

An INITIAL INTERVIEW of the bride and groom with a priest or deacon begins the process of documentation, including the setting of the date and time of the wedding celebration.

They become witnesses of God’s love and presence in our world.

They commit to a loving union that is generous, faithful and life-giving.

The love between husband and wife in a Christian marriage becomes an expression of God’s self-giving and self-sacrificial love for all of us.

Their love for one another is patterned, influenced and inspired by God’s love for all of us.


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