Christopher titus dating

Adam loves the rainbow photo that Christie took, he mocks BB and BB now lists of the various celebrities he saw including the “Flex seal” guy, BB talks about the dining patrons nearby who “honor” their daughter’s Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich related wishes, he continues to mock the use of “honor it” and Adam is now bringing up a recent episode of Ace on the House that they taped just prior to this recording apparently.

Adam is talking about AOTH: A Thousand Conversations with a Clown Car Full of Retarded People and the awesome dad constructing him kids a treehouse/man cave and how his phone call alone asking them questions was more efforts than Adam’s dad put into raising him or worrying about him being entertained.

Adam is now suggesting his own Doug Benson-esque show where other comedians perform and he just leans and says yeah.

Adam is now doing live commentary over the Wiz Khalifah performance from SNL, Adam said he called Lynette in the room asked her what job she would choose on stage with only a short time to prepare, she chose Wiz’s gig.

David tells them about booking ‘Hanson’ on one of their first ever TV gigs, he got them on the MTV Jenny Mc Carthy sketch comedy show, Adam immediately starts riffing sarcastically about how there is no human funnier, the same tone and disdain he had for the show back in 1997 still present, somethings never change, it was a very bad show though, he’s right!

Adam wants a universal standard for knobs used in showers and sink construction, Hilarious joke about Gina jogging on the beach from Adam.

Gina is further describing her vacation, Adam says it’s no “Christie Rainbow” and David chimes in too, Adam is talking about his latest cigarette observation, he says while in the south of France, in Nice etc.


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    People find themselves wanting to be Abbi’s and Ilana’s friends, too—“to live inside that secret-handshake vernacular,” as Carrie Brownstein, the co-creator of “Portlandia,” a distant cousin of “Broad City,” wrote in a tweet.

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