Chris dakota and sam llansing dating


For those who know these guys, we can recall the drama and sh*t talk that went back and forth on their My Space, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Rumour has it, Dannie refused the offer to focus on his current band Slow Motion Noise and his other projects on the go…

or maybe the boy has some sense after all and knows to stay away from that drama waiting to happen!

Tweet So theres this ugly as fuck,sausage tittied,wannabe scene queen from yuma az her name is Di An NA Da Gg Er~~~* she wears cheap as shit hot topic extensions,has a squidward nose,and talks about having money and being glamorous but she cant even afford photoshop or a decent camera.

she also wears this disgusting hannah montanna wig and talks about how everywhere she goes people stare at her.

yeah hun,maybe its because you walk around like A MOTHER FUCKIN CLOWN!

her mother doesnt even love her enough to tell her she looks like a fuckin clown prosty she dresses like this for attention and she doesnt even go to shows or support the scene.


After singer Dannie Wright left to join Burlington dance/rock band Slow Motion Noise, and to get away from the “bt00tal” direction the band was going, the four remaining members decided to form a heavier band.

They put up a My Space page promising music soon, but have yet to deliver.


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