Chinese dating white guy businesses liquidating

The idea of Orientalism offers an explanation as to why the latter type of relationship exists.

It’s a sight that’s becoming more and more common in public these days. Sometimes these two people of different heritage are attracted to each other purely because of the “exotic cultural difference aura” hanging in the air between them.

The well-traveled, well-educated Gen-Y individuals appear to be more receptive towards stepping into this kind of relationship.

Not all of them do so to swindle a white man’s money, but do so to escape poverty and put their homemaking desires into action in today’s modern society.

In a sense, both parties end up satisfying each other’s perverse pleasures and domesticating fantasies, so creating workable relationships.

It’s worth noting there are many Chinese, Vietnamese etc.

Also, in Asian cultures maintaining “face” is much esteemed – having a well-to-do spouse or simply a spouse is admired greatly and lusted after.

Definitely a viable proposition as to why some Asian women don’t mind being an “accessory” hanging off their white husband’s arms.


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