Chiangmai dating agency

There are many which try to hook up a ‘Thai Bride’ with a Western counterpart, and these can seem like nothing more than a shopping catalogue of potential wives - the whole ethos of this seems a bit ridiculous.But some agencies have good reputations for trying to match the right people and helping them settle in together.


If you’re looking for a sex partner then stick to the go-go bars, where the women are lower class.However, there are popular websites that introduces adults for non-committal sex relationships where you’ll have better luck if you’re not looking for a long-term relationship.If you’re looking to meet Thai women, Bangkok is the best place to start, since many introduction agencies are based here, and thousands of single women registered with them are intent on meeting a Western man specifically.Like most things in Bangkok, introduction agencies come in many different shapes and sizes.

Although you could just as easily join a dating site, it’s difficult to know if the girl is genuine or not, so many prefer to approach one of these agencies.Most women will be living in Bangkok, certainly the more sophisticated ones.


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