Chemistry in dating


So, I followed the directions - I posted several of my photos, answered the profile questions accurately and thoughtfully, wrote my profile info (Intro message) and... However, ALL of the messages had the same template: "Hi **, You have a great smile/you're so beautiful/we have a lot in common generic type greeting. There may only be 10 real people as members, and the rest are shills. I never paid for any services on but it almost cost me a lot more than I could afford. He said his name was Jake and that he lived in Cleveland, OH.I'm new on this site/haven't been here too often/my subscription is up. I'm no beauty queen, but I'm not ugly and I'm not stupid. True, his phone was listed at an address in Cleveland but there was no name attached to it.Round and round we have gone until I quit responding to his text messages.

He said that this was the Dr.'s name because he had no ID and had to use the Dr.

When I reminded him that he had told me his last name was ** he told me I must be mistaken.

He also said that he was 59 and that his birthday was Sept 30th.

Things progressed and he fell in love with me very quickly (a habit scammers seem to have in common).

Please contact me at (personal phone number) and (personal email)." [Hint - this is a scam. He later told me his last name was ** but there is no one by the last name of ** listed in the US.

AS IF...] Some of us are on these dating sites because we really want to date! He uses the name William ** on Google Hangouts, he said he named it that because his favorite nephew was named William.


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