Chelsea handler and chuy dating

Chuy Bravo, born Jesús Melgoza, is a Mexican-American actor and entertainer.

He was the sidekick of host Chelsea Handler on the talk show Chelsea Lately during its run from 2007 to 2014.

Koy said, “I ended up getting a deal and I go ‘Ah Chelsea I don’t wanna, I kind of want to do this, my own thing’ and then she goes ‘you f**king idiot, you let these mother***kers tell you what to f**king do. I never was able to explain myself and I just felt like that’s her M. I’d rather it be dead.” As Radar previously reported, Handler and Mc Donald have recently been feuding after Mc Donald made comments about her being a terrible boss.

Don’t you have a mind of your own where’s your f**ing balls.’ She goes ‘you’re never gonna do anything right,'” he claimed. Mc Donald also went into detail about why she gave up on trying to rekindle her friendship with Handler. Since then, Handler has shot back on several occasions on different TV shows and radio stations.

On the show, he usually relayed comedic relief and was the topic of many of her jokes.

However, he suffered a freak injury prior to the competition's first round, breaking his heel, and was forced to withdraw.

In 2012, Bravo revealed that he survived prostate cancer, that was treated quickly after it was diagnosed.

He also said he is a recovering alcoholic and was nearly homeless at one point in his life.


On the show Bravo said that he was very disappointed about his injury and that he wanted to show the world and a "special someone" (presumably Handler) that he was not lazy; he vowed to return for the second season of Splash if he was asked back and if the series were renewed (it was not).

Chuy has dwarfism, and is 4 feet 3 inches (130 cm) tall.


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