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Aided by her Scottish gardener (Craig Ferguson), she turns his small marijuana crop into booming business.

Cast: James Roday Sam Huntington Jay Paulson Charlie Finn Directed and co-written by actor Thomas Haden Church (of TV’s Wings and the movie Sideways), Rolling Kansas looks at three brothers’ (and their friends) quest for a magical marijuana forest that can solve all of their financial woes.

in honor of the awesomeness that is Pineapple Express, starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, we offer up our 20 best stoner movies of all time.Cast: Brenda Blethyn Craig Ferguson Somewhere among the stoner humor comes an intelligent film about weed.While there’s not much actual pot smoking in the film, the search for a goldmine of government marijuana puts Rolling Kansas firmly in our top 20 list.Plus there’s all the makings of a crazy road trip with the promise of a pot-filled happy ending.

Comedian Doug Benson tackles this documentary head-on, first avoiding pot for 30 days before taking on the challenge of smoking it for 30 days. He continues to work his stand up gigs and goes through a battery of tests to see how getting stoned daily impacts his life – he experiences weight gain and decreased lung capacity, but his intelligence scores and sperm count go up (go figure).Not a lot of scientific evidence here, but a good time anyway. doesn’t quite seem like it made the impression they hoped, but it’s good for a laugh now, if only to see the wild results of getting high.


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