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The season contains twelve episodes, and was filmed in Santa Clarita, California. Gregory Littlejohn, Kyle Sumpter, Chee Kwan, William Bethards, and Gabby Franco returned for Top Shot: All-Stars. The two farthest shots are eliminated."The Perfect Run Challenge": From 35 feet, shooters fire at separate grids of 48 targets (8 rows of 6).

Littlejohn finished in 16th, Kwan finished in 14th, Sumpter finished in 13th, Franco finished in 12th, and Bethards finished in 5th, meaning that Season 4 was the only season without a representative in the finale.. Target size decreases from 10" at the top to 4.5" at the bottom.

"In the Trenches Challenge": Crawl through sand under 40 feet of barbed wire, then jump into a trench and fire at separate sets of 7 targets from 100-150 yards.

One shooter per target; the next shooter cannot start onto the course until the current target has been hit.

One shooter per row; all 6 targets on a row must be shot without a miss to eliminate it.

First team to eliminate all 8 rows wins."Sidecar Shootout Challenge": While riding in a motorcycle sidecar, fire at 10 targets from 15-25 yards. Higher number of hits wins; ties are broken by fewer total rounds fired.

First team to hit all targets wins."Double Tap Challenge": Teams compete separately, with one shooter at a time per weapon.


Players are ranked by distance to the center of the bullseye; odd and even ranks join the Blue and Red Teams, respectively. Army Veteran, Junior Olympic Shooting Camp Member, Army Basic Rifle Marksmanship Award Winner, Private Pistol Instructor, IDPA Shooter FBI Law Enforcement Specialist/Firearms Instructor, Former Marine, Marine Corps Shooting Team Member and Coach, Ex-Virginia State Trooper, National and State 3-gun Competitive Shooter, Gold Lauchheimer Trophy Winner, FBI Shooting Team National Record Holder in 3-gun The player's team lost the team challenge, but the player was not nominated for elimination (Episodes 1 - 8); the player(s) lost an individual challenge, but was not nominated for elimination (Episode 9 - 11)Fire one shot at a target from 200 yards.Each shooter then goes to the back of the line for the weapon he/she did not use.One point per clay hit; higher score after 4 minutes wins."Horse Race Challenge": From 35 feet, shooters fire buckshot loads at separate 3-target wheels to make them roll along 35-foot tracks.

No practice sessions were held for the preliminary and team challenges.The trainer for the elimination challenge was Garry James, historical firearms expert and former United States Army ordnance officer.


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