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Beer in hand, 30-year-old Yana Nesterenko told CNBC that even though she rents her own apartment for ,900 in Brooklyn, she's willing to pay up to ,800 for a room just to save a few hundred dollars."I want to have more money in my budget to travel in the winter," she said.Enter apartment sharing, which for many renters is a way of dodging the exorbitant cost of living in the Big Apple.At a recent Spare Roomate event at Revival, a bar in the Gramercy area of Manhattan, the mood was set for both house seekers and renters to make a rent connection.On the bar's second floor, brick walls, candles and alcoholic beverages helped complete a scene that was a lot like speed dating.It's a reflection of how city dwellers of all ages are struggling to find affordable housing in a torrid market."The older roommates may have been coming out of a relationship and were hoping to keep their apartments, but they can't afford it," Hutchinson said, adding that frothy rents are driving older renters to find a roommate for the first time in their lives.Still, some apartment seekers are not thrilled about the idea of cyber connections, and are seeking to meet potential roommates in person first.The latest in the rise of the "roommating" culture is "speed roommating," a citywide event hosted by roommate matching site Spare, where apartment seekers and apartment owners rendezvous at a bar in an effort to find suitable living mates.

One might think these events are only filled with young graduates and professionals in their 20s.

However, Matt Hutchinson, Spare Room's director, told CNBC recently that the company is often hosting attendees in their 40s, 50s and even 60s.


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