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Alternatively, if you’re after a flexible deal when it comes to your mobile phone, then a SIM free handset is perfect.For those who like to travel, or just need a spare phone, then SIM free deals are the optimal solution, allowing you to drop them and pick them up whenever you want.


Because a SIM free deal consists of just a handset, you will need a SIM card in order to get a package of minutes, texts and megabytes of data.However, SIM only contracts are far cheaper than traditional pay monthly deals, as you only pay for your tariff.Simply pop in a 1 month rolling SIM only contract and you’re set!If you’ve had trouble passing a credit check in the past, then a SIM free deal might also be the best way to get yourself the handset you really want.

That means that your monthly outgoings are kept to a minimum, which is again great for the bank balance.Also, SIM free deals are perfect for those who love to upgrade to the latest tech.


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