Chatman pokey sex

Emery has been "out" for a few years now and is one of several female athletes who have stepped forward in recent years to challenge "the culture of silence" when it comes to homosexuality in women's basketball.

It's just too horrible to imagine that the purity of the college basketball recruiting process could be sullied by homophobia. It's reassuring that in this ever-changing world in which we live in that the New York Times always has its priorities in order, with, year in and year out, homosexuals' prerogatives at the very top of the list. Chatman was paid 0,000 per year plus a ,000 bonus when the team reached the Final Four after her resignation in disgrace.

Yet some coaches, administrators and academics say they fear that the accusations against Chatman will inflame homophobia; reinforce stereotypes of lesbians as sexual predators; lead to more so-called negative recruiting, or attempts to steer players away from coaches suspected of being gay; increase skepticism toward the hiring of single women as head coaches; and scare the parents of potential recruits.


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