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He also mentions being raised by two amazing parents who guideed very well throughout his life, and to this day still are.His career was started with Lester James Peries' teledrama Golu Hadawatha.He played the main part of several commercial successes such as Mandakini (1999), Daru Upatha (2001), Rajjumala (2004), Dhana Rina (2007) and critically acclaimed act in teledrama Ek Murgaanganaawiyak.


His father is Ariya Abhayasinghe who was a tea plantation owner.

Roshan Pilapitya made his acting debut with teledrama Golu Hadawatha (1988), which was directed by popular director Lester James Peries.

He won a Presidential award for best upcoming actor in 2002.

At the start he was also a singer who performed in the band Red Heart, performed as a guitarist, keyboard player and also as a singer.

His mother Mallika Pilapitiya is also a retired actress, where she recorded the first female lead role of Sri Lanka's first outdoor movie Rekava in 1956 directed by Sir Lester James Peries. C College, Hanguranketha, and then he attended Dharmaraja College in Kandy for rest of the education, until he completed his Advanced Level. He was a bright student in the school, where he was a member of the best drama crew of the school in 1988, and also won the award for inter-school best actor in 1988.

Roshan is a very family oriented and a strong Buddhist.


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