Chat toilet

It would be unfortunate to spoil a lot of good water to avoid using litter.

Everyone can toilet train their cats, as long as they are patient to go through the process that can go over a couple of weeks, and even months.

If the litter box is very far from the bathroom, you can move it gradually closer day after day, so that your cat gets used to its new location.

Another plus: It is more practical to remove the training kit accessories than your own taped kit, whenever a two-legged member of your family wants to use this specific toilet.

If you have a secondary bathroom, make sure to use this one first to toilet train your cat to avoid the hassles of having to remove your cat litter box from the toilet if you or anyone needs to use it.

Either way, the idea is to gradually transfer your cat litter box to a toilet, without disturbing him too much, so that he get used to all the newness of the toilet’s height, hole and water.

Toilet training kits are somewhat safer as they are made of durable plastic, eliminating the chances that your cat falls into the toilet bowl. If your cat lives this unfortunate experiences, chances are that he will not want to go anywhere near the toilet any time soon.

Sharing your life with a cat comes with a lot of purrrecious moments, but also with a little bit of hair on your clothes, your furniture, everywhere, and with a litter box to be cleaned regularly and litter to be swept daily. Do it in front of your cat, so that he finds it right away next time he has a “toilet emergency”.

Then, you have two options: You can either buy a toilet training kit that can be found on such websites (

Or, if you are the crafty type, you can build your own kit using an aluminum pan.

So the next step would be to teach your cat to flush the toilet himself… Your cat bowel movements are probably regular, so it is unlikely that an unpleasant sight surprises you on your next bathroom trip.

Plus, your cat’s pee will probably be unnoticeable!


The training should make your life easier, not harder!So once you have everything you need, you can get started.


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