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If you do have a slip-up please make a small apology to cc which effectively makes it 'go away'.Our policy is for clan Officer(s) to private message member to request an apology.Each year the University sets aside bedrooms for new postgraduate or mature undergraduate students in several of the accommodation options offered to new students (‘mature' refers to students who are at least 21 years old when they first enrol at the University).For the academic year 2016/17 rooms have been set aside for such students in North Western Hall, Liberty Atlantic Point and Liberty Prospect Point.



Go to clan interface bottom right, click green button on right, then left button to join cc then type in Fealty Stars to get in. Tier 7 Citadel - 3 Avatars - Dragon mascot named Ian E USA, -5 GMT 0 clan time. Shamantha444 (pm is always on)Charter Owner______________________Should anyone pm you in game saying they can help make you a Player Moderator (PMod), this is a scam designed to hack you.Any member continuing to use blatant profanity, vulgarity or obscenity will be dealt with under Disciplinary Rules below, which provide for immediate kicking when necessary.(3) No arguing, overt or covert drama, rants or bullying in clan chat.If you prefer not to share your accommodation with new undergraduate students and do not want to live in any of the options listed above you should contact Liverpool Student Homes, which is owned by the three universities in Liverpool and maintains official listings of good quality private houses and flats.Please note that there are no rooms available via the Accommodation Office for current LJMU students who have decided to undertake further postgraduate study, and these students should instead contact Liverpool Student Homes.

In addition there are self-contained studios available at Apollo Court and at Vita Student.These are the most expensive rooms on offer to new students at £148 per week (Apollo Court) and from £149 to £192.50 (Vita Student) including all fuel bills, contents insurance and a Wi Fi broadband connection in each room.


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