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Abu Sin (his name means "toothless") and Christina Crockett jokingly declared their love for one another in a silly You Now stream that has since been uploaded to You Tube.

They struggled through language barriers and acted like goofy young people.

In 2013, a young man was arrested by the religious police after he posted photos of himself offering “free hugs” on the streets of Riyadh.

Stanford historian Robert Proctor amassed a remarkable collection of candy cigarette packaging in Golden Holocaust, like this candy cig marketed as “Just Like Daddy!


Colonel Fawaz Al-Mayman, a spokesperson for Riyadh police, said Abu Sin was arrested for “unethical behaviour”.Cudoo Foreign Language & Professional Development Library is a really useful website that offers these sorts of courses for much less […] If you’re like me, you’re always trying and failing to organize your tasks and computer files.


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