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The endurance of the Cavern Crasher is proven from its body that is able to take many attacks, Fireworm Queen, a Monstrous Nightmare, a Night Fury, a Hideous Zippleback, a Gronckle and a Deadly Nadder.

It launches out the mucus from its tail or body onto other objects before setting them alight with its fire.

The Cavern Crasher can also set its tongue on fire.

But the Cavern Crasher's most dangerous feature, by far, is its ability to excrete and eject slick mucus from the bulbous ducts on its back and then set it ablaze!

" The Cavern Crasher is a black, lizard-like or salamander-like dragon that moves on all fours. Cavern Crashers have yellow stripes that swathe across their eyes and similar bands around their limbs.

The Cavern Crasher is a Mystery Class dragon that appears in Dragons: Race to The Edge.

It is a scavenger, and is known for driving other dragons out of their homes and scavenging for their eggs, also making it a nest raider.

Single-minded and voracious, the Cavern Crasher may lack wings, but its body has adapted to survive beneath the earth.



It is able to shoot out a long lasting, green blast of fire at its enemies.The Cavern Crasher can walk and climb on cavern walls and ceilings very fast, in part due to its sharp claws.Titan Wing Crashers in Dragons: Rise of Berk look similar to their younger counterparts, but have glowing crystal-like spikes on their backs.The yellow stripes are replaced with luminous light blue, lilac and teal hints, The Cavern Crasher is able to secrete flammable mucus from its body.

They also have a hooked beak-liked mandible on their upper jaw and a thick, rounded tail.It have multiple bumps and craters on their back that secrete slime.


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