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Please Designate a Driver for New Year's Eve; Big Bear Taxi Will Be Operating All Night If you're headed out this evening, you should plan to have a designated driver, as there is only one public transportation option that will be available in the Big Bear Valley tonight.Big Bear Taxi will be operating nine 15-passenger vans, and Denise at the taxi service tells KBHR, We'll operate until everyone's home safely.Big Bear's taxi service can be reached at 909/866-TAXI.

The stream of lights is made up of ski school, ski patrol and other staff from both Summit and Bear Mountain and, once again, takes place at 7pm.You can view the torchlight parade from anywhere in the Valley you can see the slopes, including the North Shore of Big Bear Lake.


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    Around the same time, she swapped phone numbers with England rugby player James Haskell at a posh charity do.

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    Please watch your language and be polite with our girls! Erlinda was not only beautiful but also so highly intelligent and worldly.

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