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Now, given the amount of years since I’ve watched it, I’m bound to be disappointed at the way some of them present upon reviewing.But still, this was a fun series deserving of this look back, episode by episode, at this quaint little shock series. Ambush Bug here with another AICN HORROR: ZOMBIES & SHARKS column.Ahead there be sea monsters, surreal clowns, cheerleader killers, Guido executioners, evil babies, possible vampires, holy horrors, monsters in the wilderness, tied up women, an artsy obsessive, and more MONSTERS TV Series episodes! Back in the late 80’s when practical effects were king, Mitchell Gallin and Richard P.And while there are some very funny people in there, I only found myself chuckling a few times at Nealon’s optimistic dad role, but mainly because I find the comedian to be hilarious.This is another episode where we see actors prior to being stars, as Matt Le Blanc and Wil Wheaton star in this LOST BOYS-esque story about a pair of teens who believe the barber shop next door is a front for a vampire lair.It doesn’t help that it features early appearances by future SNL stars Kevin Nealon and David Spade, who basically play themselves, with Spade showing even when he’s supposed to be scary, he can’t be taken seriously.Julie Brown, not the wubba-wubba-wubba one, stars as a run-down mom exhausted from taking care of her newborn kid who just happens to be a toothy monster baby reminiscent of the tot from IT’S ALIVE.

The Boo Tube: MONSTERS Season 3 Episodes 7-12 (1990) Retro-review: LEVIATHAN (1989) Short Cuts: CONSIDER US EVEN (2014) Send in the Clowns: STRANGE FACTORIES (2013) JERSEY SHORE MASSACRE (2014) VARSITY BLOOD (2013) CAM2CAM (2014) ROSEMARY’S BABY (2014) PIECES OF TALENT (2014) CHIMERES (2013) THE SACRAMENT (2013) Advance Review: THE LAST BUCK HUNT (2014) And finally…Kim Sønderholm’s SUCCUBUS! Rubinstein, the producers of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE TV series, decided to put together a show which highlighted a different story about a different monster every week.In my region the show was broadcast late at night, and it was a thrill to be able to stay up late and watch it.


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