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Don Gordon [ Gene Wells ], Mayf Nutter [ Eddie Dirko ], Kurt Grayson [ Ted Kale ], John Dennis Johnston [ Jerry Adams ], Jenny O'Hara [ Bloody Mary Barrows ], Ric Mancini [ Poker Player ], Norma Connolly [ Mrs.

Kelly is exposed as a fraud when the family receives word that the "real" Janet (actually Sabrina) is on her way to town.

Kelly claims to have inside information about the Le Mer fortune, and promises to keep quiet about the attempt on her life in exchange for a share of the estate. Le Mer's body and remove it before the property transfer can take place.

I'm still referred to as the buck-toothed presenter of That's Life'," she said in 2014.

Her new gardening range is now available in Poundland, and to mark the occasion, there's a pop up store in Covent Garden selling the range - open until this Saturday.

His daughter, Janet, has not been in contact with the family for some time; so his second wife will inherit the estate.

Kelly shows up at the house, posing as Janet Le Mer. Le Mer and her associates accept her story, but try to poison her.

Charlie said: "I am quite surprised that so many people feel that gardening isn’t for them without giving it a try!David Ogden Stiers [ Scott Woodville ], Diana Muldaur [ Rachel Le Mer ], Bo Hopkins [ Beau Creel ], John Lehne [ Henry Bancroft ], Tommy Lee Jones [ Arum Kolegian ], Grant Owens [ Wilder ], Ken Sansom [ Hotel Clerk ], Ron Stein [ Hicks ], Russ Grieve [ Sheriff Hopkins ] The wealthy Vincent Le Mer has been missing for seven years, and is about to be declared legally dead.Sabrina shows no interest in the inheritance, save for a portion of swampland that she would like to convert into a bird sanctuary. The Angels, with some help from the police and a friend of Janet's, catch him in the act and apprehend him.Bosley snoops around the swamp and allows one of Mrs. The Angels learn that their client was Janet Le Mer, who had hoped to expose the truth about her father's murder.


Wearing a smart blue blouse and jeans, she dressed down for the photos - showing off straighter hair and a huge grin.

Charlie previously admitted her fears that she'd never lose the 'bra-less' tag, following her regular revealing appearances on the show. I remember Esther Rantzen said to me, 'You'll be referred to as the bra-less one for the rest of your life.


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