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Noted adult film star and Florida State fan Mia Khalifa zinged Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly after the Seminoles’ comeback victory on Monday night.Khalifa posted a direct message from the Rebels quarterback with the suggestion he should have been better acquainted with his team’s playbook.But I’m using all Japanese ingredients and flours, and there will be new items. James and I talked — they did their Japan thing without a Japanese partner. But I could see us doing something together, maybe in Japan. It’s called , and he explores all that stuff with doctors and scientists.



Grub Street called him up to chat about his big plans. They [Think Green Produce] approached us a long time ago, and the way I made it work was to have them send people here to train with us. And one of my head bakers, who’s been with me for under seven years, is Japanese-American, and her parents moved back to Japan.So she’ll be there for the opening, and she’ll stay for a few months.


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