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” Tammi was right, and Bill and Sherri have been married for 18 years.

This mother daughter matchmakers work with celebrities and an international clients.

When Tammi got her Bachelors in Psychology she walked into the matchmaking profession full time, has been a tremendous asset and is now VP of the company.

Tammi meets clients daily and has put some amazing couples together.

She started working part time for Elite Connections when she was 15.

Sherri and Tammi have together hosted with “Party With A Purpose”, their Christmas black-tie fundraiser and children’s events all 16 years.

If you want the best of all elite dating services and the most experienced professional matchmaker helping you find the love of your life, you’ve come to the right place.

Sherri and Tammi are the VIP matchmakers at Elite Connections. They are successful in their private lives and business.

Tammi was Sherri’s mini assistant when she was in real estate at six years old.

The mother daughter matchmakers take pride in the matchmaking they do together and know they have the best of all elite dating services.

Her first hand at matchmaker happened when her mother Sherri joined a small Los Angeles dating service 23 years ago and brought home the 5 men’s bios she thought she might like to meet.

Tammi picked out Bill and said, “This is your future husband!

They’ve traveled the world together and hope to attend their clients wedding in Thailand soon.As close as any mother daughter could be, they’ve been to client weddings as far away as Scotland, canopied in Costa Rica, had fun in London, snowboarded at Sundance and have been in each other’s weddings.



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