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And I know her past affairs shouldn’t matter but, before she met me, she would exclusively date married men.

This always bothered me because I think it shows a lack of character.

So, after Christmas I notice an email in my wife’s “sent” box.

That’s because one similar decision years ago has actually just backfired on you.But over our seven years together I’ve managed to put those feelings aside.Now she’s seen a married man behind my back and it’s awoken all of those feelings. But I can only manage to stay positive for short moments throughout the day.No matter what happens, that email, and picturing her drinking coffee with this man, just creep right back into my head.

I’m tired of feeling this way and I’m tired of bringing it up every night. It sounds as if you’re being very generous with your wife in trying to forgive and hold the marriage together.

This rests on a three-part foundation: And of course the past has to be in the past.


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