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— Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) — Donald Trump wins Donald Trump has won Pennsylvania — all but securing him the presidency.

The Republican candidate now needs just 16 more electoral votes to be crowned Commander-in-Chief.

The race in the battleground state was officially called by the Associated Press at a.m., with nearly all precincts reporting their results.


Hillary Clinton, however, refused to concede with campaign chair John Podesta telling supporters, “We’re still counting votes.” Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) — Donald Trump wins Wisconsin has been called for Trump.

America has voted, and as the ballots are tallied Donald Trump heads into Wednesday morning on the cusp of the presidency.

Tuesday’s shocking developments mark the end of a contentious campaign season that upended conventional wisdom repeatedly, and threw the Republican Party into chaos.

The billionaire was able to beat Clinton by 3.2 points, despite poll data from last week that had the Democratic candidate leading by more than 6 percent.

The race was called by Fox News at around a.m., with nearly 90 percent of precincts reporting.Barack Obama was able to take Pennsylvania in 2012 by 5.4 percentage points.


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