Canada dating interracial


Currently, a little more than three per cent of the population is part of a mixed-race union and although this number seems small, it has increased more than thirty per cent since 1996 when the data was first collected.

Imagine what the statistics will be in another ten years?

In some traditional ethnic groups, dating outside one’s race can cause a negative reaction from friends and family.

Moreover, Statistics Canada data shows that the largest demographic involved in interracial relationships were between the ages of 20-29.

I gathered information about the attitudes young adults hold towards mixed race unions in a small-scale independent survey titled “Ideas about interracial Dating.” Among the 25 participants of various ethnicities, the survey included male and female volunteers between the ages of 19-25.

Hypothetically, it can be assumed that ten per cent of the population will be engaged in a mixed-race union by 2016.

People most likely to date outside their race include citizens of Japanese descent, followed by Latinos and Afro-Canadians.

Information gathered shows that eighteen of the participants had been intimate or had kissed a person of a different race.

interracial dating is not a trend that only affects one specific ethnic group considering that 10 of the young adults had previously been in a mixed race relationship.Moreover, young adults are less likely to label their intimate interactions with others as “relationships,” especially if the contact is a casual hook-up or a week of dating.An attitude of inclusion has been developing among young Canadian adults, as race no longer plays a large role when choosing a significant other Mixing and matching doesn’t just apply to clothing anymore because as Canada develops its national identity interracial relationships are on the rise.Participating in a mixed union fifty years ago was not only unconventional, but it rarely ever happened.


However, mixed-race marriages will become more common and the traditional image of a relationship will change as different ethnic groups move into the same communities.Some interesting facts about mixed race unions were revealed a few years ago by Statistics Canada.


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