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The Nintendo 3DS’s e Shop platform seems perfect for delivering more casual, bite-sized games, and there’s certainly been no shortage of these since its inception.For those looking for a quick pick-up and play fishing game, there’s Big Bass Arcade: No Limit by Big John Games.You need to keep reeling in the fish with enough strength to fight it, but the more the fish struggles, the more your tension meter will fill up. All the while you’re trying to reel the fish in, the announcer will require you to press one of four directions on the D-pad (or swipe that direction on the screen) to keep fighting your hooked fish.Once the fish gets close enough to your boat, you can press or swipe up to capture him.


From here, you need to start reeling in your line to lure nearby fish.An audio cue from the game’s announcer will let you know when a fish is close – and once he hooks on, the most intense portion of the gameplay begins. This hectic element is further exacerbated by an overlapped quick time event element.


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