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Whether it's the demands of family and career or the noise from the financial press about the volatility of the markets and the latest investment fad, today, more than ever, you deserve a financial advisory practice that is experienced, disciplined and independent to serve your investment needs.

In today's fast paced, global marketplace it's almost impossible for investors to stay focused on "the big picture."It is our goal to provide discipline, structure and perspective to the dynamic process of growing and preserving our clients' wealth.


It's our mission to focus on "the big picture:" to help affluent individuals and their families achieve financial security and independence through the prudent, long-term growth of their savings and investments.

When we formed CAM Private Wealth Services, we did so on the belief that our clients would be best served in an independent setting.

Prior to co-founding 1998 Net Capital Partners Gmb H, a Corporate Finance- and Investment Boutique he had a consulting assignment with Apax Partners.

In 2006 he moved as Investment Director to CAM Private Equity – a predecessor company of DB Private Equity.

We have no interests or agenda other than the success of our clients.

Our experience, knowledge and access to leading research and contacts allow us to help clients navigate portfolios through all types of business and economic cycles.


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